MigratoryData comes with the following configuration file - located either into the folder /etc/migratorydata/ when installed using the deb/rpm installers, or into the root folder of the tarball installer:

Configuration File Name Description
migratorydata.conf Main configuration file

The configuration file of the MigratoryData server has comments and optional parameters besides required parameters. The optional parameters have default values. An optional parameter that is not present in the configuration file will be used with its default value.

Some environment variables can be used to customize various aspects of your MigratoryData server. For example, they can be used to configure some optional parameters not set in your main configuration file, or override some parameters set in your configuration file. These environment variable are useful especially for Docker/Kubernetes deployments, because editing the configuration file inside the Docker containers is not appropriate. Please refer to the section Using System Variables to learn more about these environment variables.

The configuration files support comments. A line which starts with a # character is interpreted as a comment and is ignored. A parameter can be configured with the following syntax:

parameter = value

The value of a parameter can be defined on multiple lines by postfixing each line with \. For example

LicenseKey = aaaabbbbcccc

can be written as follows:

LicenseKey = aaaa\

The configurable parameters of the main configuration file are described in the sections Core Parameters and Advanced Parameters.