Getting started

A typical API usage is as follows:

Step 1 - Include the library

Use the following to include the library:

require_once '../../lib/migratorydata-client.php';

Step 2 - Attach an authorization token

Use the method MigratoryDataClient.setEntitlementToken() to assign an authorization token to the client.

Step 3 - Specify where to connect to

Use the API method MigratoryDataClient.setServers() to specify one or more MigratoryData servers to which your client will connect to. In fact, the client will connect to only one of the MigratoryData servers in this list. But, defining two or more MigratoryData servers is recommended to achieve fail-over. Supposing the MigratoryData server to which the client connected goes down, then the API will automatically reconnect to another MigratoryData server in the list.

Step 4 - Connect to the MigratoryData cluster

Use the API method MigratoryDataClient.connect() to connect to the cluster and you will be able to publish messages.

Step 5 - Create messages

Use the class MigratoryDataMessage to create messages.

Step 6 - Publish messages

Use the API method MigratoryDataClient.publish() to publish messages.


Examples built with this API are available in the folder examples of this API package; start with the README file which explains how to run them.