MigratoryData is a real-time messaging server optimized to handle millions of web, mobile, and IoT clients. It utilizes the WebSocket protocol to establish a permanent connection between the server and each client, enabling two-way communication in real-time. It can be installed either on-premises or in the cloud, and can function as a standalone node or as an active-active cluster of multiple nodes.

MigratoryData provides a unified publish/subscribe client API with libraries for the most popular programming languages and frameworks. This API can be utilized to develop a wide range of real-time web, mobile, and IoT apps, such as live auctions, live sports scores, live chat, financial data streaming, real-time groupware, audience engagement in real-time, and live geolocation tracking, among others.

MigratoryData includes pre-built integrations with various technologies, including Prometheus and Grafana for monitoring, JWT for authorization, and Apache Kafka for stream processing. Additionally, if the pre-built integrations do not suffice, a server API is available to extend the functionality of the MigratoryData server by incorporating custom-developed extensions.

Getting started

Begin with the Getting Started section to familiarize yourself with the MigratoryData key concepts, and learn how to install MigratoryData server and build a simple real-time app using the MigratoryData API for your programming language of choice.