The MigratoryData product consists of the following:

  • MigratoryData Server
  • Client APIs
  • Server Extension APIs
  • Integrations

MigratoryData Server

MigratoryData is a distributed WebSocket messaging server. With the ability to handle up to 10 million concurrent clients from a single commodity server, MigratoryData makes it cost-effective to stream real-time messages to and from millions of end-users — across web, mobile, and IoT devices.

The key features of the MigratoryData server are detailed here.

Client APIs

MigratoryData provides a common client API with libraries for the languages and technologies listed below.

Application Type Client API Functions
Web Applications    
  JavaScript publish and subscribe
Mobile Applications    
  iOS publish and subscribe
  Android publish and subscribe
  Flutter publish and subscribe
Enterprise Applications    
  Java publish and subscribe
  .NET publish and subscribe
  C++ publish and subscribe
  Python publish and subscribe
  Dart publish and subscribe
  Node.js publish and subscribe
  ReactPHP publish and subscribe
  PHP publish only
IoT Applications    
  MicroPython publish and subscribe
Other Applications    
  REST produce and consume

Server Extension APIs

MigratoryData provides the following extension APIs for building extensions for the MigratoryData server:

Extension Type Description
Audit Provide various audit info (access, messages, stats, etc)
Authorization Define data access rules


MigratoryData provides off-the-shelf integrations with a number of popular tools and platforms as listed here.