Welcome! Follow the steps below to get started with MigratoryData.

Step 1: Install the MigratoryData server

Installing the MigratoryData server using Docker is the simplest way to get started as follows:

docker pull migratorydata/server:latest
docker run --platform linux/amd64 --platform linux/amd64 \
-d --name my_migratorydata -p 8800:8800 migratorydata/server:latest

Then, open in your web browser the welcome page https://localhost:8800. Navigate to the debug console, and you can connect to the MigratoryData server you just installed, subscribe and publish real-time messages.

You can see the logs, stop, and remove the Docker container you just created using these commands:

docker logs my_migratorydata
docker stop my_migratorydata
docker rm my_migratorydata

If you don’t have Docker installed, follow this guide to install the MigratoryData server on your platform of choice.

Step 2: Build a real-time app

Select a MigratoryData client API for a programming language of your choice and read the Getting started page to learn how to build a real-time apps with that programming language.