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MigratoryData is a very scalable and reliable publish/subscribe messaging solution. It is commonly used for real-time web and mobile applications with millions of users expecting message delivery guarantees and low message latencies.

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MigratoryData exposes a simple publish/subscribe API with libraries for the most popular platforms and languages, including iOS, Android, JavaScript, Java, C#, C++, Node.js, Python, PHP, and more.

The JavaScript library extends real-time messaging to any web browser. It uses the WebSockets standard. For the old browsers without WebSockets, messages are still pushed via techniques that use a single persistent TCP connection, like WebSockets do, to achieve low message latencies.

Scale efficiently to millions of users

A single MigratoryData instance can handle 10 million concurrent users with substantial outgoing messaging traffic, of the order of 1 Gbps. Besides, MigratoryData can be clustered to scale horizontally.

Both high vertical scalability and linear horizontal scalability provide our customers with large cost savings as they can handle considerably more users and message volumes with less hardware and less maintenance.

Scale reliably to millions of users

MigratoryData implements active/active clustering, replication, and distributed in-memory caching to achieve guaranteed message delivery despite hardware failures or network disconnections.

Moreover, MigratoryData is architected to achieve high scalability without sacrificing guaranteed message delivery as detailed in Reliable Messaging to Millions of Users with MigratoryData.

MigratoryData technology is a key part of the software we have developed to help our clients lower their support, hardware, and software costs, eventually allowing them to replace their older thick-client terminals with a browser-based, thin-client application with all of the same capabilities but none of the system overhead.
Chris Boruff — President of Advisor Software, Morningstar

MigratoryData has allowed Heritage to take our real-time auction bidding system to the next level; providing more scalability, reliability, flexibility, and mobility than any of its competitors. MigratoryData's support is also second to none.
Ryan Sokol — Director of Web Technology, Heritage Auctions