When Milliseconds Matter

The world's most scalable WebSocket messaging server

MigratoryData is a distributed WebSocket messaging server. With the ability to handle up to 10 million concurrent clients from a single commodity server, MigratoryData makes it cost-effective to stream real-time messages to and from millions of end-users — across web, mobile, and IoT devices.

Messaging to any client

Build real-time features for your web, mobile, and IoT applications using our WebSockets-based publish/subscribe messaging API with libraries for the most popular languages and platforms including iOS, Android, JavaScript, Java, C#, Objective-C, C++, Node.js, Python, PHP, Dart, MicroPython, and more.

Messaging at any scale

MigratoryData can be deployed on multiple servers as a cluster, scaling horizontally by simply adding nodes to the cluster. But more importantly, MigratoryData scales vertically up to 10 million concurrent users on a single server. This makes it up to 10x more scalable than leading messaging products.

Guaranteed messaging

MigratoryData achieves ultra-high scalability without sacrificing integrity. We implement active/active clustering, replication, and distributed in-memory caching to ensure message ordering and message delivery guarantees despite hardware failures and network disconnections.

From Our Clients

  MigratoryData technology is a key part of the software we have developed to help our clients lower their support, hardware, and software costs, eventually allowing them to replace their older thick-client terminals with a browser-based, thin-client application with all of the same capabilities but none of the system overhead. — Chris Boruff, President of Advisor Software, Morningstar

  MigratoryData has allowed Heritage to take our real-time auction bidding system to the next level; providing more scalability, reliability, flexibility, and mobility than any of its competitors. MigratoryData's support is also second to none. — Ryan Sokol, Director of Web Technology, Heritage Auctions

Get started free

Download and install MigratoryData on your machines. The preinstalled license key allows you to use MigratoryData for evaluation, testing, and development — for up to 100 concurrent connections per server instance, with no feature restrictions.