Built using the Kafka Connect API, MigratoryData Source Connector for Kafka must be installed into a Kafka Connect distributed service. Therefore, here are the requirements:

  • A running Kafka cluster
  • A running Kafka Connect distributed service
  • A running MigratoryData cluster


  1. To install the MigratoryData Source Connector for Kafka, download the Kafka connector from the MigratoryData Connectors section of the downloads page.

  2. Unzip the Kafka connector archive and place the JAR file migratorydata-connector-kafka-<VERSION>.jar of the archive to a folder <CONNECTOR_PATH> accessible by your Kafka Connect distributed service.

  3. Edit the configuration file config/ of your Kafka Connect distributed service and configure the parameter plugin.path to include the folder <CONNECTOR_PATH> where you placed the JAR file in the previous step.