Key enterprise-ready features

Universal API

A client API with libraries for the most popular programming languages and technologies can be used to build realtime features for your web, mobile, and IoT apps.

Ultra Scalable

A single MigratoryData instance can handle 10 million concurrent users from a single commodity server with substantial messaging traffic, of the order of 1 Gbps.

Order and Delivery Guarantees

The system guarantees end-to-end delivery and order of messages even in the event of unexpected events such as hardware failures or network disconnections. An in-memory cache is maintained for each subject, which is replicated across the cluster. After a failure, a client automatically reconnects and gets the messages from the cache since the last offset it received previously.

Elastic Clustering

MigratoryData implements active/active clustering to scale up and down horizontally by adding more nodes to the cluster or removing some nodes according to the load.

Low Message Latency

Any fresh data is delivered to and from clients in milliseconds and continuously over a single persistent WebSocket connection established between the client and the server.

High Message Volumes

A single MigratoryData instance running on a 1U server can achieve outgoing messaging up to the 10 GbE limit, by pushing 2 million messages per second.

Low Bandwidth

Efficient communication protocol over persistent WebSocket connections which adds to each message a small constant overhead. No HTTP polling or long polling is used.

Auth and Security

Enterprise-grade security using TLS/SSL encrypted connections and data authorization.

Advanced Monitoring

TLS encrypted and password-protected monitoring is available through the JMX and HTTP standards or through the modern monitoring systems like Prometheus & Grafana. Indicators like: connected sessions, session connections/disconnections per second, in/out messages per second, in/out bytes per second are available with maximum, average, and standard deviation statistics, calculated on various periods of time such as last 1 minute, last 5 minutes, last 15 minutes, last 1 hour, last 1 day, etc


MigratoryData provides off-the-shelf extensions to integrate with a number of popular tools and platforms. Furthermore, an Extension API is available for building custom-developed extensions.

Capacity Planning

Estimate the hardware and the number of MigratoryData servers required for your realtime apps by using MigratoryData Benchmark Kit, a tool able to simulate a configurable number of concurrent clients and publish messages of a configurable size at a configurable frequency.

Get Started for Free

Download and install MigratoryData on your machines. The preinstalled license key allows you to use MigratoryData for evaluation, testing, and development — for up to 100 concurrent connections per server instance, with no feature restrictions.