Today MigratoryData unveiled MigratoryData Cloud, a cloud-native edition of its ultra-scalable WebSockets pub/sub message broker that has been powering realtime web and mobile apps with millions of users for over a decade.

MigratoryData Cloud is an Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS) which provides companies with the ability to build real-time apps scalable to millions of users without having to deploy and maintain a realtime communication infrastructure. The service provides an easy-to-use API which leverages the WebSockets standard and has libraries for the most popular platforms and programming languages like Android, iOS, JavaScript, Java, C# .NET, Objective-C, C++, Node.js, Python, PHP, and more. 

MigratoryData solved the C10M problem, which is the ability to handle 10 million concurrent users from a single server, and therefore providing an order of magnitude scalability improvement over leading messaging technologies. This unique benefit allows companies to run real-time apps at a fraction of the cost compared with other realtime messaging platforms in the market today.

Visit MigratoryData Cloud to get started with the fully managed MigratoryData Cloud service. The service is currently in a beta phase and provides a free plan which includes 3.6 million realtime messages per month (limited to 5000 realtime messages per hour), 100 concurrent connections, and 1000 total subjects and it is ideal for prototyping web, mobile or IoT realtime apps.