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1 Million Users with Migratory Push Server

Iasi, November 3, 2010

Migratory Data Systems today announced new benchmark results for its push technology. The new benchmark demonstrates that Migratory Push Server is able to push real-time data ("messages") to one million concurrent users while running on inexpensive hardware.

Besides the vertical scalability, the benchmark also provides results for end-to-end message latency (the delta between the time a message is created on the server side and the time it is received by the user) as well as for bandwidth usage (the amount of data, expressed in megabyte per second, transmitted by Migratory Push Server and received by the users).

Benchmark test highlights:

  • The benchmark was conducted using 8 identical Dell SC1435 servers with two dual-core AMD Opteron at 2.0 GHz processors and 16 GB memory, running CentOS 5.5 Linux kernel 2.6.18 64-bit, and utilizing a 1Gb Ethernet network: one server was used for one Migratory Push Server instance and up to 7 servers were used to simulate up to 1 million concurrent users;
  • High vertical scalability achieving message publication up to 1 million users;
  • High throughput achieving publication up to 1 million messages per second;
  • Scale up to 1Gbps achieving publication of large messages of 2 kilobytes to 10000 users with end-to-end mean message latency of 7 milliseconds.

Providing up to 10 times more vertical scalability than rivals push servers combined with the horizontal scalability achieved via its built-in load balancing and fault-tolerance features, Migratory Push Server is the only technology capable of distributing real-time data for Internet applications with millions of users in a cost effective way, said Dr. Mihai Rotaru, Managing Director at Migratory Data Systems.

The benchmark document can be obtained from the website of the Migratory Data Systems at: The website also includes an evaluation version of Migratory Push Server used in this benchmark that is freely available for download.