This section provides an overview of the key features of MigratoryData KE.

Bidirectional, Native Communication with Kafka

MigratoryData KE uses the Kafka native protocol for bi-directional messaging to and from your Kafka cluster, all without the need of additional services such as Kafka Connect.

Dynamic Mapping between Subjects and Topics

Thanks to the compatibility between MigratoryData KE and Kafka, the mapping between the MigratoryData subjects and the Kafka topics is automatic using a simple convention, as detailed in the Subjects-Topics Mapping section, all without the need to define such a mapping statically in a configuration file.

Universal Client API using WebSockets

MigratoryData KE exposes a simple publish/subscribe client API with libraries for the most popular programming languages and platforms. Please refer to the Client SDKs section.

The client libraries use the WebSocket standard to communicate efficiently in terms of bandwidth and latency with MigratoryData KE.

Massive Vertical Scalability and Linear Horizontal Scalability

MigratoryData KE has been designed to scale up the entire capacity of the allocated hardware such as CPU and network. One instance of MigratoryData KE running on a single commodity server has been benchmarked to handle 10 million concurrent users. So, MigratoryData KE achieves 1000x more scalability than the well-known C10K problem (a scalability challenge in the realm of web servers).

Besides its unparalleled vertical scalability, MigratoryData KE scales horizontally in a linear manner both for subscribers and for publishers. For example, supposing a cluster of one MigratoryData KE instance can handle 100,000 concurrent subscribers and 100,000 concurrent publishers in a given scenario, then, by adding another MigratoryData KE instance to the cluster, the capacity of the cluster will double, it will be able to handle 200,000 concurrent subscribers and 200,000 concurrent publishers.

Stateless Active/Active Clustering

MigratoryData KE can be deployed as a cluster of multiple independent nodes for achieving linear horizontal scalability, elasticity, fault tolerance, no single point of failure, and guaranteed delivery.

The stateless nature of the clustering highly simplifies the deployment of MigratoryData KE in the cloud using technologies like Kubernetes.

Guaranteed Delivery & Message Ordering

MigratoryData KE implements guaranteed delivery and in-order messaging even in the event of unexpected events (e.g. hardware failures, network disconnections, cluster node restart).

Enterprise-Grade Security

MigratoryData KE uses the industry standards like TLS/SSL for data encryption, IP address-based protections, dual firewalls, and token-based data authorization.

Advanced Monitoring

Encrypted and password-protected monitoring is made available though the industry standards JMX and HTTP which can be integrated with most enterprise management systems.

A modern monitoring option using Prometheus and Grafana is available as well.

Extensible with Plugins

MigratoryData currently provides some Java-based Plugin SDKs for building plugins for authorization and audit. Please refer to the Plugin SDKs section.